JoeyDots Korea-1 With On-Site Participants

Where everyone in the audience can be a contestant.

I want to make academic sports as much fun and exciting as athletic
sports. The JoeyDots Korea-1 app is used to turn devices with Android
into digital sports stadiums. Kids and adults can compete against each
other. First find out who's faster, you, your kid, your sister/brother.

Then children/adults of all ages can compete in 1,000 contestant shows.

Printing/writing contestants put pen directly on the screen over the first
square JoeyDot. Then contestants draw a line to the next JoeyDot, and next
Joeydot, until letter/number is finished. Its called connecting the JoeyDots.

ArabAlf has KoreaAlf, ReadNums-1, ReadNums-2, Read-
Words-1, Read-Words2, Total. Free-for-now Korea-1 here.
See Korea-1 TV format here.


Ties go to higher done total.
Apps only for devices with Android.